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Family Dentistry: A Home Solution for Family Oral Health

Oral health has been a disturbing condition from ancient times. According to experts, dental diseases, like tooth decay remains the second most common disease after common cold. However, in modern times, most people can keep their teeth throughout their life, be free of toothache, and have a pleasing smile. How is it possible to achieve these three remarkable feats? The secret is, apart from observing oral hygiene, having a family dentistry is the key aspect. 

What is family dentistry? 

Family dentistry is a personalized dental service that focuses on oral health at all stages of a person’s life. These dentists will provide diagnosis, preventive measures and treatments of dental disorders and diseases. Experts recommend that people should visit a dentist at least once in every six months. Family dentistry shall cut down the costs of visits and management of serious dental issues. 

Family dentistry services 

  • Regular tooth examinations and treatment – the family dentist will monitor and offer oral cleaning services regularly. Depending on the condition of the teeth, a person may be examined once or more than once in every six months. 
  • Checking of cavities and fillings – cavities are preventable, especially at childhood. The dentist will identify and also treat the cavities with fillings. 
  • Orthodontic services – this is a branch of dentistry that is mainly concerned with correction and management of dental irregularities. Most of the family dentists offer orthodontic assessment.  
  • Treatment of gum diseases – the dentist will perform deep cleaning and issue appropriate curative antibiotics to control gingivitis. In some cases, gum flap surgery may be performed.  
  • Restoring Damaged Teeth – You will be pleased to hear that family dentistry have techniques for restoring damaged, missing, or crooked teeth. It is important to note that, restorative treatment may be expensive, but restorative treatment is worth the expense. Perhaps a family dentist may restore your ability to chew and make your smile or face more attractive. 

What about broken and lost teeth? A family dentist may recommend filling, a cap to cover enhance tooth appearance and fitting removable partial denture or fixed bridge to cap the teeth. 

  • Personalized dental services – A family dentist meets clients regularly, for instance at intervals three or six months. Therefore, client’s oral health history is well known by the dentist. Because the relationship is long-term, treatment plans are highly customized. The dentist will recognize any changes in your oral health and take appropriate measures on time to address the case. 

To wrap up 

Before the arrival of modern dentistry, most people suffered toothache and tooth loss throughout their lifetime. Most people were disfigured due to dark, crooked, or either missing teeth. Sad enough, a person can suffer from malnutrition, leading to an early death because of being unable to chew. Family dentistry has become very common as a result of the challenges posed by dental diseases.  

To avoid severe complications resulting from dental diseases, family dentistry can help in supervision, providing guidance, correction of growing and mature teeth, and diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. However, careful consideration should be taken when choosing a family dentist. The dentist must be licensed and approved by relevant dentist bodies Kesteven Dental Care